Figure 6-3. Weld amperes control rheostat, removal and installation.
6-16. HIGH FREQUENCY START intensity
more or less than 2 ohms replace the intensity con-
trol rheostat.
Control Rheostat R5
(2) Connect the ohmeter to the center terminal
a. Removal. Proceed as follows to remove the
and either outside terminal. Set the meter on the
HIGH FREQUENCY START intensity control rheo-
RX1 scale. Turn the intensity control in a clockwise
direction until it stops; the meter should have a zero
(1) Disconnect ac power from the welding ma-
reading. Then turn the intensity control in a counter-
clockwise direction until it stops. The reading
(2) Unlock and open the door on the front of the
should be 2 ohms. If the readings are not as described,
timer and high frequency drawer.
replace the intensity control rheostat.
(3) Refer to figure 6-4 and remove the rheostat.
b. Testing.
c. Installation.
(1) Connect an ohmmeter to the outside term-
(1) Refer to figure 6-4 and install the rheostat.
inals of the control, and set the meter on the RX1
(2) Close and lock the timer and high frequency
scale. The reading should be 2 ohms. If the reading is


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