Quantcast Milling Machines Use milling machines for shaping  or  dressing,  cutting  gear  teeth,  keyway  slotting, splining, and similar work.  These machines may be used for general purposes as well as special cutting operations. The  following  safety  precautions  shall  be  followed  when using milling machines: Ensure that bed and work are clean prior to securing work to bed. Secure  work  to  prevent  movement  during  all  phases of milling. Before   setting   up   job,   ensure   that   table,   bore   in spindle, arbor or cutter shank, and work is clean and free of chips, nicks, and burrs. Select a cutter of proper diameter. Do not change feed or speed while work is being cut. Lower table or raise spindle prior to moving or feeding work under a revolving cutter. Ensure  that  all  clamps  and  bolts  are  low  enough  to pass under arbor and cutter. e. Shapers and Planers.    Shapers and planers have a reciprocating, single-edge cutting tool, and are used for straight-line machining, surfacing, and similar work.  The following safety precautions shall be followed when using shapers and planers: Be  sure  that  work  is  tightly  bolted  to  table  or  firmly held   in   vise   and   cutter   raised   above   work   before starting machine. Be   sure   that   ram   has   adequate   clearance   before starting machine. Personnel operating shaper shall wear goggles. Stop machine completely when changing tools. f.   Miscellaneous Machine Tools.  Refer to the applicable machine maintenance manual for specific safety precautions. 2-3

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